Social Ads / Animations / Store Design
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Our objective was to conceive and implement social advertising campaigns and content for Arive, a luxury delivery service.

We maintained a dynamic approach, constantly refining and enhancing our content using data-driven insights and creative innovation. In the end, we rigorously tested close to 1000 unique ad creatives, yielding highly compelling results.

The work was crafted during my freelance engagement with Partners Creative Consultancy, Berlin. The placement of the advertisements and the subsequent data analysis were conducted by the marketing agency

Social Ads

Tailored for the Millennial and Gen Z demographics in bustling European metropolises, we've crafted an exquisite, contemporary, and user-centric marketing campaign exuding an aura of luxury. Our strategy remains agile, consistently elevating our content with data-driven insights and imaginative innovation. In the culmination of our efforts, we meticulously scrutinized nearly 1000 distinctive ad creatives, yielding exceptionally captivating outcomes

Store Design

Design of the ARIVE Cloud Storefront in Hamburg and its fleet of delivery E-Bikes